Industry Articles/Videos
There are many entities that play a significant role in support of the manufacturing community. We applaud them and support their efforts. Below are listed and linked some of those organizations and publications.


One of the most significant challenges to the manufacturing community is a talent shortage.  The country has 75 million  millennials between the ages of 18-34 years of age, searching for satisfying careers. "Match up  a small percentage of that population and our skills gap goes away."  How do we tap into that resource? This article published  by SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers), is an excellant article that  helps us better understand the wants and needs of the millennial generation.


NIMS sets industry-driven skills standards, certifies individuals against the standards, awards national accreditation to education and industry-based training programs, offers professional training for trainers and instructors, and supports the development of apprenticeship programs nationwide. This video tells the story of Montez King, growing up in the inner city of West Baltimore wasn't easy  and the choices he made that lead him to his career as the head of technical instruction of NIMS.