Markets Served

Manufacturing Representative

Our represented contract manufactures, provide manufacturing solutions across a broad spectrum of disciplines. We offer a diversity of part sizes, shapes, and complexities.
  • Multi-Axis CNC machining (Turning/Milling)
  • 5 Axis machining
  • CNC Swiss
  • Fabrication (Large)
  • Assembly
  • Welding
  • Laser Cutting
  • Waterjet
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • AS 9100C certification
  • LCC-Mexico solution (Machining & Assembly

Sales/Marketing Consultant

We can help develop and implement effective sales and marketing strategies and also provide training and research.
  • New business development
  • Optimizing existing customer relationships
  • Sales training
  • Sales salesmen
  • Developing presentations
  • Updating web content and optimization
  • Identifying & coordinating outside sales events

Community Connections

Assist in connecting organizations (manufacturers, machine builders/distributors, publications, educational institutions, government) that support, educate and promote manufacturing in our community:
(303) 264-8457
Markets Served
With our wealth of knowledge and experience combined with our expansive network built over the past 4 decades of excellence in the industry, you can always be sure you're getting trusted help you can count on every time you come to the seasoned manufacturing experts here at Antrim Inc.

Here at Antrim Inc, we are dedicated to providing dependable assistance and representation for businesses in need of training, marketing, sales, and research services, while creating better awareness of the value and importance manufacturing industries in our economy. All in all, our goal is to help bridge the gap between educational institutions, suppliers, manufacturers, the government in an effort to promote manufacturing.
Oil & Gas
CNC Maching (3-4-5) Axis
Mexico - LCC Solution (machining & assembly)

5 Axis Milling


Shuttle Crawler

Turn/Mill Thin Wall

CNC Swiss (complex)

Oil & Gas

Thread Tubing

Downhole Drill

Valve Flange


Railroad Pregaugerman

Shovel Frame

Mining Bucket

Mining Wheel

Mexico Manufacturing Facility
In our global economy, there are situations, whether they be dictated by the market or our customers, that require a  LCC (Low cost country) manufacturing solution. Antrim Inc. can provide such a solution

CNC Machining Turn/Mill Thin Wall

Special Shocks - Machine & Assembly

CNC Machining Tubing

CNC Turn/Mill (Small)

Turn Mill (Large)

Antrim Inc. has partnered with a state of the art contract manufacturer located in northern Mexico. They currently provide component parts for several Fortune 500 companies. The have ISO 9001 and AS 9100C Aerospace certifications.
Their core competencies include: CNC machining (turning/milling), and assembly. They have a powerful ERP/MRP system that drives their logistics, scheduling, inventory and support documentation. Their proximity to the USA and experience in shipping and logistics can provide an efficient "near-shoring" solution.
Antrim Inc. stands out as the trusted name in outstanding contract machining services, that truly bridge the gap between educational institutions, suppliers, manufacturers, the government in an effort to promote manufacturing industries. 

Backed by over four decades of tried, tested, and proven excellence in the machine services and manufacturing business, we provide exceptional representation for contract manufacturers who provide outstanding manufacturing solutions across a wide range of disciplines. Whatever parts, shapes, and sizes, regardless of the complexity of the task at hand, you can always be sure that we've got your needs perfectly covered every time.

(303) 264-8457