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Representative manufacturing capabilities of our contract manufacturing companies
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Antrim Inc. provides multiple services for manufacturing, machine tool builders and distributors. Our offerings include, new business development, sales training, marketing research, organizing sales events, coordinating plant moves, moving equipment. We also are manufacturing representatives for several contract machining and fabrication companies. These companies can produce complex shapes, including 5 axis machined parts. Sizes range from small CNC Swiss components to very large machined and fabricated parts (See Representative Parts in our Service section).

With over four decades of experience in machine tool distribution and manufacturing across multiple markets (aerospace, medical, energy), We can provide reliable assistance and representation for companies in need of trusted help. 
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Manufacturing Representative

Sales/Marketing Consultant

Support of Other Manufacturing Initiatives

Our represented contract manufactures, provide manufacturing solutions across a broad spectrum of disciplines. We offer a diversity of part sizes, shapes, and complexities.
Assist in connecting organizations that support, educate and promote manufacturing
(manufacturing/ suppliers/ educational institutions/ government/ publications, etc.)
We can help develop and implement effective sales and marketing strategies and also provide training and research.
With our wealth of knowledge and experience combined with our expansive network built over the past 4 decades of excellence in the industry, you can always be sure you're getting trusted help you can count on every time you come to the seasoned manufacturing experts here at Antrim Inc.

Here at Antrim Inc, we are dedicated to providing dependable assistance and representation for businesses in need of training, marketing, sales, and research services, while creating better awareness of the value and importance manufacturing industries in our economy. All in all, our goal is to help bridge the gap between educational institutions, suppliers, manufacturers, the government in an effort to promote manufacturing.
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We support and promote organizations and institutions that bring an awareness of the value that manufacturing and it's associated businesses, bring to our economy.